Monday, February 16, 2009


Men's and women's roles have changed drastically in society over the past several generations. Series of women's revolutions have changed perceptions about how women ought to be treated and how they should act. Consequently, many people are unsure about dating etiquette. Some remain very traditional in their ideas about courtship and relationships, others have redefined dating entirely. I have been told by several girls that men should always take the initiative in every aspect of the relation, other girls have asked me out on dates. Some girls refuse to leave the car until the door is opened for them. Other girls have specifically asked me not to touch their doors. Many people tend to fall somewhere in between.

So, what are men's and women's responsibilities and roles in relationships/dating in your opinions? What do the women really expect from the men?


  1. OOO good one :) For me I like it when the guy is a gentleman and opens the door for me (car, building etc) but I also am the type that will tend to open the second door for him if it is a double entrance (we can show respect too :)
    I love it when they open the door for me into the car, but sometimes it is better if he lets me get out on my own (this has an exception if he trys to hurry around to my side so I'm not waiting long, and it is soo cute when guys offer you their hand to help you out of a car or over a creek etc) So I guess you could say I love Gentle-Men who treat me like a princess, and at the same time I want to treat them like a prince. I also love it when the guy offers you his arm. I do admit that I am more traditional in the fact that I like the guy to make the first move on formally asking a girl out, and girls can help them know they would be interested by asking the guy on group events where you don't pair off (thus telling the guy that they would like them to come, and wouldn't mind spending time with them). And while I love it when a guy pays for me, it's ok to let us pay for dates we invite you on.

  2. I think this is a matter of personal preference. It is important to take consideration of your date and treat them with respect. Everyone's definitions will be different and expectations will vary from person to person and couple to couple. I don't think it is a matter to stress over unless your methods are highly diverse from your partners preferences. Just be as polite as you know how and follow their lead or responses. If you find their ways rude or prudish then it is time to evaluate if it is a deal breaker.

    Personally, I like a gentlman. Having said that- I like to do things myself. Gentleman in manners and speech. I can open my car door. I won't hate it if my door is opened though. I like to be treated special, but I don't want to feel like I am incapable of performing simple tasks. If I need a jar opened- I will ask. If a girl hesitates at the door- take that as clue. Other than that, I say, just be yourself and relax. How do you treat you friends who are girls? You should treat all girls relatively the same in your gentlemanly ways. It can be endearing. You will probably get more interest if you treat everyone as a lady.