Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Say It!

Why do guys find it soo hard to just come out and say what they mean? Why do they have to be all avoidy and bounce around the question?


  1. First let me start by saying that girls and guys use a different means of communicating with words. Guys are typically more blunt and Girls are typically more insinuating rather than actually saying what they mean.

    After having said that to be as clear as possible with my real answer, here goes:

    Sometimes we seem to be avoiding the question if we don't understand it and are seeking further clarification.

    Sometimes it could be that the question is something we haven't thought about much or yet, and need more than 2 seconds to think it out. Stuff like (Where do you see us going?, etc.) will quite often fall into that category. Yes I realize we might still be in the "seeing where it goes" phase, while you're ready to move things up to the next level and get a little more serious.

    Sometimes it could be that we think you won't like the answer and will instantly reject us, based on past experiences with other girls, this can make answering some questions well not something we want to just jump into.

    Of course there is a possibility that it is none of those things, and something else entirely. This is a hard question to answer with any kind of accuracy without situational context, hope my answer helps.

  2. k well, I din't say say everything you are thinking. Just enough to let us know the basics so we know it is safe to prod for more if we want it, otherwise girls never know that you are interested and just figure you aren't even if you might be

    the vibe of "stay away you aren't my type" comes off and it comes off strong when guys stay quite, whether it is email, chat, in person, text, etc.
    (my opinion of course) :)