Monday, February 23, 2009

Choice of Fashion

If you've ever heard the phrase "chasing a skirt," you may have just considered it a saying left over from past generations and older times; however, there is a lot of truth to it. Most guys find skirts, dresses, and other flattering clothes which are indicative of femininity and reserved solely for women to be very attractive. Still, most women prefer to wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt whenever possible. I'm not writing to criticize or encourage change, but merely to gain understanding. I would think that if were a girl and I wanted to date more or attract more guys and all I had to do was change my style, that I would quickly make the change; yet, the general consensus and preference among women remains.
Why is this? Why do girls detest wearing skirts or dresses when they aren't required by the occasion? Is it a matter of comfort, an issue of trying to fit in more, or perhaps of a statement of modernism? What is the source of such common opinions?


  1. 1) When you wear a skirt that also requires the shoes, the panty-hose (not always) the shirt, and the hair to match. Skirts mean dressing up a notch, which means you have to dress EVERYthing up a notch. Meaning a TON more time.

    2) Shoes that are skirt appropriate are not always comfortable, especially heels. There is no way I'm wearing heels to a long day of school. I want to have a pain free evening, not be nursing my blisters.

    3) Skirts are VERY cold in the winter!!

    4) Skirts limit your movement. Trying to get from one side of campus to the next in the ten minutes alloted us UVU students can be impossible in many skirts.

    5) If you happen to be outside and a breeze comes through we PRAY we have one hand free.

    6) Skirts aren't always that fun to sit in. You have to make sure its not riding up, depening on the length you have to be more careful with how you sit etc.

    7) This is the tom-boy in me, but you can't DO anything in a skirt. I've jumped over dozens of cement walls and the like when rushing to catch a bus. I would never dream of doing that in a skirt.

    8) Rainy days and skirts : A) depending on the fabric you could find it sticking to your legs in a very unflattering way B) It could be come see-through C) Catching a puddle doesn't just mean a wet hemline, it means you've got dirty water and slush on your nice shoes and up your legs. Brr.

    Also, many girls don't feel like they "have the legs" for skirts. Jeans can hide unshapely legs, but skirts leave them out there for all to see!

    Over all though I would say its a matter of personal desicion, practicality and convienience. Much the same reason many girls don't do the long flowing hair thing -- chopping it short saves time, preparation etc.

  2. As I was running to catch the bus today, I noticed a girl wearing a t-shirt, a simple dark-blue skirt with gray leggings and flat slip-on shoes. It was very attractive, It seemed like most of the issues above wouldn't apply. Is there a difference between casual and more formal skirts/outfits?

  3. I think it really depends on preference. Some girls are willing to take the time and give up the comfort of jeans to wear skirts. Other girls (like me:) ) don't like the hassle it takes, don't have the body shape to pull of skirts on a regular basis, and just don't like the feel of skirts. I for one feel like I have a lot more freedom of movement when I'm wearing jeans. Jeans match my personality a lot better than skirts :P

  4. K I totally agree with Becca on a lot of points (especially number 5) lol. However, I have to say that I absolutely love to wear skirts and dresses. However, a lot of the time you do feel over dressed since it isn't the typical fashion of the day. And what Becca said about the shoes is totally true. Besides, if guys really do like it when girls wear skirts why don't they talk to us when we do instead of shying away?

  5. #1 REASON: $ -for me at least! When you only have so much money to spend on clothes, you spend it on the 'practical' stuff that you absolutely need. Everyone needs jeans, whereas I've never really considered cute skirts a necessity, rather something I'd like to have if I only had the $. I know most girls prefer pants, but I feel more confident and better about myself when I'm more dressed up :)

    There is a big difference between casual and formal skirts/outfits. I would never wear my formal skirts/outfits when I'm doing casual things, and vice versa.

  6. As far as feeling overdressed, Emily, I say go for it! A good rule of thumb is to always be anywhere from a half step to a full step better dressed than everyone else. That way you stand out in a very positive manner, and it catches people's eye. As far as why guys don't talk to you when you are wearing a skirt... all the normal reasons - they are too shy, they are already in a relationship, etc. I will say, however, that I am probably 5 times more likely to want to talk to a girl wearing a skirt than a girl who isn't. Then again, I suppose a girl wearing a skirt or dress can also be more intimidating (in a good way), so the shyer guys may have more trouble, but then again maybe those aren't the kind of guys you want to meet anyway. After all, if you are trying to find a knight in shining armor, it doesn't hurt to dress like a princess. ;)

  7. There have been studies done in the past that have proven that by dressing up we automatically act different, more professional, more polite, and we carry ourselves with more confidence. Which resulted in a major theme of the 80's being "dress for success" throughout businesses.

    I believe that something similar to that happens when a girl wears a skirt. She automatically acts more feminine, more confident, and as a result more flirtatious. That is a deadly combination which automatically makes her much more desirable to pursue, even if not right at that moment.

  8. That's true. Sometimes when you catch a guy's attention, he will start "plotting" on how to meet you or ask you out, even if he doesn't approach you at that very moment.

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  10. Actually... there is a post on what guys should wear and how they can impress girls. It's not one sided at all. I suppose that there are many different philosophies on how relationships should work. Mine is that both people in the relationship should do all that they can to please one another and to strengthen the relationship. If your philosophy is different, that's fine, but don't expect more from a relationship than you are willing to put in. Personally, I'm going to go all the way. =)