Monday, February 16, 2009

Guys Like Girls

Okay, here's my I know why girls like and need guys (because I'm a girl)....but why do guys need girls? What is it that women have that men need and like so much (other than the physical stuff I mean)?


  1. Wow, what an interesting question... first of all, being a guy I don't really know why girls need guys in that context, but I'm sure that it has to be more than financial support and someone to mow the lawn, so I'm going to suggest that we open this question up to the girls as well.

    Back to the original question... Before we discount "the physical stuff," let me say that a beautiful girl (and every guy may have a different definition of beautiful) can instill a sense of euphoria and happiness. Girls can be so graceful, poetic, and feminine that guys can lose their sense of reasoning and pursue relationships blindly. (Trust me, I have friends that can attest to that).

    Beyond "the physical stuff," there's obviously companionship. What's better than a best friend and confidant with benefits? ;) For me, a serious relationship would, to a large extent, be about sharing dreams - pursuing life with someone you love and trust, while helping to fulfill one another's hopes and desires along the way. I would consider marriage to be very much like expanding my soul and opening my heart.

  2. one ? though, what is different about getting that from a woman? I mean if you want companionship you can have companionship with a guy (best friends etc.)
    without the benefits of course :D..gross!

    anyways, why do guys NEED women?
    what is it aobut girls that makes them so special that a guy NEEDs them around?

  3. I'm not sure that I really understand the question. Need is a conditional statement. You don't NEED air, but you do need air to live. It's conditional. You need something in order to (insert goal here). So, when you are asking why men just need women, I suppose we don't. Maybe we need women in order to feel fulfilled, or to grow, or to become better people, or to have someone to love, but we don't really need anything just for the sake of needing. I can't really give you a reason without a condition. Try answering this: Why do women need men?

  4. ok, so i've had guy friends that say that when they have the option to either hang out with guy friends or hang out with girls they will choose girls anyday. so what is it about girls that guys find so appealing?

  5. Aside from the obvious of girls being far more pleasing to the eye, there is a certain mysteriousness about girls that is very intriguing, and so much more that's almost impossible to understand yet very much appealing.