Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Initial Attraction

One of the more difficult obstacles men face (or don't face, for those who just decide not to worry about it) is knowing what women find attractive. What kind of things catch your eye as far as guys are concerned?


  1. Hmm... Honestly, good looks can only take a person so far. So many guys are "hot" or "cute" or whatever, but once they open their mouths their physical appearance is just a small factor.

    For me, I would say a guy who is a gentleman in the extreme. INSIST on opening the doors, no matter how many times we say "oh, well, you don't HAVE to." We say that because we don't want to MAKE you feel like you have to. We want to see if YOU feel like you should.

    Personatlity is the deciding factor in if someone is good looking. (I think.) I've known some guys who I thought were good looking, then when I got to know their personality they became only so-so.

  2. So, personality is the trump card, but what kind of things stand out among guys (as far as physical things)? Ie, what makes a guy "'hot' or 'cute,'" to quote. I mean, before girls have a chance to get to know us and our personalities, there needs to be some kind of initial interest and attraction. What forms does that take?

  3. And don't be afraid to be specific. =)

  4. Well, I'm sure that it is different for a lot of girls and visa versa, but I think I can be safe to say that a guy who takes care of himself and puts forth an effort to look nice is one of the things that I look for. And because I am tall I tend to look for guys that are taller than myself so I can look up into their eyes :) I also like taller guys because they tend to make me feel more dainty and they more protective and masculine. A guy who has a cute smile and shows it is a must! For me, I tend to be attracted more to the athletic build as well since I am athletic myself. I also think that confidence is attractive (not arrogance though) and outgoing.
    And I agree with Rebecca's comment too :)

  5. Physical? My number one pet peeve is guys who wear their jeans super baggy. My number two pet peeve is guys who wear the super tight pants with their shirts tucked in. Don't have TOO much gell in your hair.

    Also, smile alot. Lots of people have a default face of grumpy -- they aren't in a bad mood, their face just relaxes into a "don't come near me" look.

    AND PLEASE SHOWER! Nothing turns a gal off more than a bad case off bo.

    (And I agree with Emily 100%)

  6. Confidence, happy, friendly. He can be fairly goofy looking but still very attractive to me if he has those features.

    Superficially (not guys I usually pursue) but who I find attractive- nice skin and eyes and smile. I am not too picky.