Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So lets say a girl named Jane likes a boy named Bob. How many hints must Jane drop before she gives up and moves on? Bob may be interested back, but if he's not taking any of the hints does that mean A) Jane isn't obvious enough (which leads us to how obvious is too obvious), B) He's shy too and isn't sure what to do, C) She's being creepy and needs to stop dropping hints or D) None of the above.

There needs to be a class on the opposite gender. Who needs to study math when there are boys on the loose?! (I say this only half in jest :P)


  1. How many hints Jane drops before giving up on Bob and moving on depends on what type of personality Bob has.
    For the sake of answering this question lets say that Bob is interested back in which case:

    A) Yes maybe what you think are obvious hints aren't all that obvious for Bob. Guys are rather slow with this sometimes, and tend to be blinded by the seemingly obvious unless you're fairly blunt.

    B) It is possible that Bob is shy or doesn't know how to respond, or even that all of his blood has left his brain leaving him, well temporarily and mentally incapacitated.

    C) Perhaps he is interested but maybe Jane is coming on too strong and appears desperate.

    D) Very well it could be none of the above, all guys are at the least slightly different, and some are much more different in that regard. There are some other fairly obvious possibilities as well,

    E) It could be that Bob just got out of a relationship and wants to get emotionally ready before jumping into something else.

    F) Perhaps he's currently pursuing another girl but wants to keep some options open in case that doesn't work out.

    G) It could be that he just prefers ask out the in a different setting that you see him in, especially if this one is fairly public with an audience or group of more than 2 of your friends.

    Hope that helps some.

  2. Also, you have to consider the case that the guy just isn't interested. There's always the chance that he feels like he knows you well enough and that your personalities just wouldn't mix. Of course, this should always be your last assumption. =)