Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Girls like Guys

This is based on a previous question thread, and I do want to know so please be brutally honest here. Why do girls like and need guys? What is it that men have that women need and like so much?


  1. Girls like/need to feel loved and feel special. To have one person who is completely devoted to making you feel so is something most girls only dream of.

    Also, because guys are usually seen as macho, strong, somewhat invincible etc... To have one who is willing to devote his life to a girl is really sweet.

    Having a good guy can make the girl feel safe, loved, cared about, protected etc. Even if life is hard you have somone who loves you, more than family/friends, and is willing to do whatever they can to get through it with you.

    Hope that made sense :P

  2. Guys can give girls a feeling of security, and can be very motivating. I can't count the number of guys that have inspired me to be better, and have helped me to feel better about myself. They can also do the opposite, so try and be nice even when you don't like a girl :)

  3. Well, in my opinion a good righteous young man can: provide a support beam of strength (physical, emotional, spiritual..) and comfort; be humorous and fun to be around; make a girl feel special and beautiful inside and out; help her feel feminine, graceful, and important; give a feeling of protection and safety; and also inspire her to desire and become better and more desirving of him. Guys are like the other piece to our puzzle, and we need both in order to become and reach our whole potential. A lot of the time it is the strength, support, and belief in me that my guy friends have that inspire me to be better and keep reaching for the stars.