Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Guys Feel Special

(Going off of a comment from a different post) Ok guys, based on your own experiences or other's experiences, what are some things that we women can do to make men feel special? And be specific.


  1. Is this a 'how do I make the man I am dating feel special?' or a 'how do I make the man I want to be dating feel special?' I am going to answer as if you are asking question #2. Ok... baked goods are always a winner. Beyond that, when a woman seeks me out to talk with me and focuses attention on me (more than once) I definitely feel special. If you are feeling adventurous, throw in a 'touch' during the conversation when you are talking. (definition of a 'touch': first of all, be close to him. If you are sitting, try the semi-intimate knee tap. If you are standing, the elbow is a good target)

  2. I'm going to list a few here and hopefully some of the other guys will add to my list as well. These things are especially critical on the first few dates, and only apply if you are in fact interested in us. If you're not interested then please do not lead us on by doing these things.

    Give us your attention on the date. Don't be messing with your phone texting or talking to everyone, or running off across the room to talk to other people you know. We know you're popular, and we're asking for a little of your time to get to know you better.

    Make eye contact with us a lot, especially during conversation.

    Laugh at our dumb jokes (if you think they're funny). Yeah we know they are dumb, but we're trying to keep things light at first, to see if we can make you laugh and smile.

    If we compliment you, simply say "Thank you". We don't want to argue about it, so just accept the compliment gracefully.

    If life happens (yes it does sometimes) and you have to reschedule the date, you should apologize, provide a good honest reason as to why you can't go, and act very excited about rescheduling for another time.

  3. Yeah, always be honest about the date. If you are rescheduling to get out of it, don't. It's lame to tell a guy that you want to do it some other time if you really aren't planning on it.

    Besides that, one thing that's really made me feel special in the past is when the girl really tries to look her best and goes the extra mile. Not only is she extra-beautiful, but you can tell that she wants to impress you, and that means something. You know that she did took some of her precious time to look good just for you.