Friday, March 27, 2009


so my question is how do guys really feel about accessories? fake nails? (colored or french white)


  1. As far as accessories in general, I think they can add an extra splash of intrigue, making you stand out. Anything cool, original, or eye catching will do the job. It seems to say that you have more class than the average girl. For example, say there are two girls, both wearing jeans and a t-shirt (boring), but one of them has a cool accessory to compliment her look. That girl is going to stand out. Sun glasses can also be very hot, but I never ask out a girl wearing sunglasses. The eyes are important and say a lot about a person, and if I can't see a girl's eyes, I just pass.
    As far as the nails, I don't particularly care for fake nails. I'm not necessarily against them, but it seems like it would be very awkward having large nails glued to your finger tips. Then again, they might be good for scratching or tickling... ;)
    But as a general rule, I wouldn't ask a girl to glue something as inconvenient as that to her hands, and I think well cared for nails can be just as attractive. Natural french nails are also a nice touch.

  2. Accessories can serve as a conversation piece making it easier for a guy to approach you, and have a reference point to attempt to strike up a conversation.
    Therefore I suggest that accessories are good, that is if you don't go overboard. Ideally what you want is something that adds a little accent to your natural beauty, enhancing your appearance. What you don't want is something that is gaudy drawing attention away from you and only toward that accessory.
    Real beauty comes from within, not what you wear. However first impressions are made based on your appearance, and those are hard to break. So if you are a beautiful person internally, and I know you are, then what you really want is to accent that internal beauty, not drown it out.
    Such an approach should give you more confidence invested in yourself, by not putting on a show of excess, or trying to be what you aren't. Helping you relax and feel more comfortable, you'll surely feel better all around.

  3. I just had some recent thoughts about girl's accessories and fashion in general, and it seemed appropriate to add them. The way a girl presents herself says a lot. If a girl comes out wearing the standard clothes that everyone else is wearing, then she will blend into the crowd. That is generally considered a bad thing. What you wear can say that you have confidence (try wearing things that are a little unusual, different, or extreme), your style can say that you have class (try adding an extra unneeded accessory, wearing a little makeup just to run errands or go to class, wearing classic/timeless styles - aka, a skirt, a pea coat, something you might see a prominent person wearing both today and ten years ago), what you wear can say you are feminine (especially when wearing things like skirts or dresses. Also, classic makeup styles - mascara, medium eyeliner (not hooker thick, but obviously noticeable), darker lipsticks (they stand out more), etc), and it can say that you are just on top of things in general. What that means is that when you wear a good outfit, it says you are in charge of your life and making active decisions to look good, and you do it well. People will assume that you make active decisions about other aspects of your life and you do that well too.

    I guess I've made a lot of comments in this blog about girls looking feminine or looking their best, etc, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I like when a girl wears makeup. It says they care and they want to look good. Obviously, there are limits, but when done right it is very attractive. I guess an equivalent example for guys would be as follows: How do you feel (girls) when you see a guy working on a car, fixing something, mowing the lawn, lifting heavy things, or going out of his way to help a women? Do those things add some extra attraction or suggest masculinity? Or maybe there are other things, but the idea is the same. Things that suggest guys are masculine and capable usually come across as attractive to girls. Things that suggest that a girl is attractive and capable usually comes across as attractive to guys.