Friday, April 10, 2009

Body Type

K guys really care that much about body type? Is it more attractive to men for a lady to be skinny or to have curves and a soft look? And toned is good but do girls need to be obbsessed with it or ...


  1. It really is personal preference, different guys are attracted to different things in girls. Generally speaking most people tend to find someone that looks similar to themselves, shares similar goals, and a similar lifestyle.

    Personality is most important, it doesn't hurt to take care of your health, but it shouldn't be an obsession as there are much more important things in life.

  2. Right. I think a good rule of thumb is to live up to your own expectations for others. If you want to find someone who is athletic and toned, then you should try to be athletic and toned as well. Body types are only as important to guys as they are to you since you will most likely end up meeting someone with the same level of devotion that you have. If body types are important to you then they will probably be important to the kind of guys that you are interested in.

    That being said, approach any health goals wisely. Never starve yourself, don't look at a scale (numbers are just numbers, and if you work out you will likely gain weight (muscle weight) while getting slimmer since muscle weighs considerably more than fat). If you want to get in shape, have a professional help you develop a program. Hire a personal trainer to help you develop and teach you a workout that is right for you and your goals, meet with a nutritionist and get help creating a healthy diet, etc. (on that note, I think BYU actually offers free meetings with nutritionist, and I wouldn't be surprised if other schools and organizations did as well). If you can't afford getting good professional help (which really may not be that expensive) at the very least try to find some good plans and information online.
    I know all that stuff seems off the topic and perhaps unnecessary, but I see A LOT of people doing it wrong, or following incorrect "conventional" ideas, then getting frustrated because it doesn't work. Weird and extreme diets or weight loss plans can be dangerous and ineffective and may mess up your metabolism. People with eating disorders usually start to look unhealthy (which is unattractive), and a good nutritionist can help you learn to lose weight or get in shape while eating more food more often. All right, enough said.